CLIENTS work with us

Protect and extend global strategic communication goals and brand loyalty. Customize strategies to counter threats on all media spheres and determine tactics that capitalize on both threats and emergent opportunities. Monitor how consumers are interpreting company communications, products, and promotional messages. Direct and allocate resources with precision and confidence.
Correlate the spread of suspicious stories with acts of terrorism and violence from counterinsurgency campaigns like Afghanistan to humanitarian activities in the Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Geo-spatially locate these narrative IEDs on an interactive timeline over all media spheres in real-time. Predict, assign threat levels and guard against the spread of social unrest.
Track and assess narrative threats that undermine and disrupt key themes and messages of political campaigns as well as the impact and level of permeation campaigns are having on target constituents; this includes monitoring and responding to “rumor bombs” spread by opposing campaigns or malicious actors across any platform.
Influence relevant narrative landscapes across multiple media platforms including social media, Twitter, television, radio, and print, among others. Evaluate the level of importance of various stories that threaten or indirectly propote professional reputations and public image, ignoring those that are not a threat and developing targeted tactics to thwart those that are.
Monitor the local media sphere for malicious stories that undermine reputations and marketing investments. Check the veracity of these stories, the degree to which they are gaining traction, and develop strategies that will mitigate their impact while extending your local interests in an effort to maintain and expand customer loyalty.
Track and assess stories across all media platforms that reinforce or undermine mission related activities, fundraising campaigns and public policy initiatives. Determine the locations and saturation of malicious stories to ensure activities are not misinterpreted or unduly aligned with media frames or master narratives.