SERVICES what we provide

NarrativeTrack’s process collects, tracks, and analyzes suspicious stories across all media over time and space, allowing our clients, their employees and contractors, as well as our team of consultants to develop and deploy targeted countermeasures before a threatening narrative can undermine their brand or strategic communication plans. With over 120 years combined experience across international, military, entertainment, corporate, and political sectors, our expert communicators create geospatial and narrative landscape reports and recommend preemptive communication strategies that provide our clients a significant messaging, time and resource advantage. Dynamic products drive our work:

Crawlers affixed with word banks constantly search the media sphere for suspicious stories including misleading information, rumors and other narrative IEDs.
Secure mobile applications allow our clients and their designated employees and contractors to report, code and monitor suspicious stories from the field.
Real-time tracking, geospatial mapping and custom analytic dashboards enable clients to monitor emerging threats to their brand and communication goals.
Analysis reports and message-mapping protocols separate the wheat from the chaff, isolating stories that pose an immediate threat from those that might be negative but that don't pose an immediate threat.
On-demand crisis communication and emergency response center that provides clients with real-time information management, media monitoring, and crisis response support.
Strategic consultations from a team of battle-tested experts with military, political, entertainment and corporate communication backgrounds.

Clients can utilize all or any combination of these services. For example, a large corporation with its own internal communication team may elect to license our dashboard, mobile report and monitoring applications. Other clients may elect to have NarrativeTrack's team of experts monitor suspicious stories, alerting them to the stories that pose the greatest threat to their brand or communication plans. Still other clients may wish to employ our battle tested experts to develop counter and message-extending tactics and strategies. We also provide media training. Pricing is competitive.